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Advisor in IT Companies
Co-founder and ex-CMO CINEMOOD
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About Me
Ex-Creative Director in Advertising Agencies. Ex-CMO and Co-founder of a Hardware Startup CINEMOOD
In advertising and marketing since 2009. I worked as an art director and head of creative teams in advertising agencies: BBDO, Leo Burnett, Grape (Possible), SapientNitro. During the period of work in advertising agencies I received more than 30 professional awards.

In 2015, I became a co-founder of the startup MULTICUBIC (CINEMOOD in international markets). This portable cube projector shows movies, cartoons and filmstrips on any surface.

My tasks included the full cycle of bringing the product into the market - from audience research and creating the device itself to conducting 360 advertising campaigns.

In January 2020 I retired from the startup's operational activities. Now I work as a mentor and help business owners in launching new products and creating teams.
Ratings and Awards
Forbes Rating "30 to 30" in the category "Entrepreneurs" Nominee, 2020
Member of "100 women of Russian Venture" List, 2021
Member of Top-100 Russian Female Tech Founders List, 2020
Winner of the International Award for Business Women BOLD, 2021

Speaking at TEDxSkolkovo
"1001 mistakes. How Bad Decisions Lead to Cool Stories"
About learned helplessness and why mistakes are cool.

The full-story post about how I became the speaker of this event.
1001.. Mistakes | Daria Mingalieva | TEDxSkolkovo
December 4th, 2021

🤖 What Are My Skills?
Every Founder is Always "a
Bit of a Handyman." Still my Core Expertise is Marketing
Developed comprehensive approaches in communication with the consumer.

- Market and competitors' analysis
- Customer development
- Value proposition
- Brand platform
Branding & Design
Came up with the names MULTICUBIC and KINOKUBIK, developed the logo and style of the CINEMOOD brand.
Developed packaging for CINEMOOD products.

I know how to put a technical task correctly and give a reasoned feedback.

Promotion in Digital
Vast experience of promotion in digital. I deal with CPC / CPM / CPI / CPO / CPS / ROMI / ROMI and can explain to the business what metrics to rely on at what points.

- PPC campaigns
- E-mail marketing
- Content marketing
PR & Influence Marketing
Attracted 700+ opinion leaders on Instagram and YouTube by creating an internal brokerage agency inside the startup.

I know how to calculate the effectiveness of working with bloggers. I know producers who organize publications.
Over the past 10 years I have implemented completely different projects both in a startup and for big brands. Video and radio clips, photo shoots, special projects, games, etc.

I know how to develop a concept and find a team that meets the quality, deadlines and budget.
Entering the US market
Conducted a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which raised $170k with a plan of $75k.

I know the principles and lifehacks of promotion on Amazon. I have experience working with American PR and advertising agencies.
Working with retail in Russia
I know how to promote a product in large federal networks such as M.Video, Eldorado, Re:Store. I have experience in conducting and developing promotions, advertising campaigns, POS materials, Digital campaigns
Working with investors and shareholders
I promoted investment companies on Startrack twice.

Regularly participated in the preparation of reports and strategies for defense in front of the Board of Directors

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🏆 Professional Awards
30+ Awards at International Advertising, Marketing and Design Festivals
🔥 Articles, Interviews and Comments in the Media
Collectively, There Are More Than 1000 Materials, Comments and Stories About the CINEMOOD Project in the Press, Radio and TV
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🎤 Speeches And Lectures
Sometimes I Get Requested to Share My Experience and Knowledge:
IIDF, discussion moderator | Moscow | 20th November 2020
Conversation with Oleg Popov, VP of User Acqisiotion in Scentbird on at what stage a startup needs branding and whether its reasonable to launch campaigns on brand awareness
WTT, speaker | Moscow | 18th November 2020
"How to assemble a cool marketing team?"
I believe that you are as strong as your team is. But this "orchestra" still needs to be hired and managed competently
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IDFF, speaker | Moscow | 23d June 2020
Attracting traffic to conduct interviews
- Search principles and organizational aspects
- Checklist “15 ways to find a respondent”
- Interview with your own customer base
BHSAD, speaker | Moscow | 24th May 2020
Entering the US market. The "Cube" experience
Webinar for students of the British Higher School of Design
NSK Startup Day, speaker | Novosibirsk | 13th October 2018
Lecture "How to speed up a team in an IT startup?"
Podcast "30 under 30"
How I refused to work in London and New York because of love, why a startup needs to support other projects before starting a crowdfunding campaign, and how an entrepreneur can prepare for a meeting with the President.
Den of Rich. #152

Talk with Mark Devilman on the following topics:

- trends of modern marketing

- multi-channel attribution in simple words

- why the founders need advisors

«The Voice of Female Business»

Why do we need advisors?

- Mentor bundle + middle team

- What kind of requests startups come with

Interview for MarketMix and Xenia Barton
Startup launch mistakes, crowdfunding in the USA, women in the IT industry
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I believe that you are as strong as your team is.
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